ValencePM is continuing to improve and evolve, and we are proud to announce our partnership with ScreeningOne and PayYourRent to provide FCRA / HUD compliant tenant screening and a convenient new rent payment processing system. These new additions will help better serve residents and property managers, and provide best-in-service screening and rent processing. Check out the official press release to learn more.

New Payment Processing Powered by PayYourRent

PayYourRent is allowing residents to streamline the rent payment process with an online solution. Residents will have the benefit of convenience and secure payment, and property managers will enjoy the benefit of immediate same-day deposit. PayYourRent has a zero-day hold, which means there are no floating funds, and payment will be sent directly to deposit same day as payment. Residents can pay online or through the mobile app, and the convenience will greatly reduce late payments. Payment can be set up as a recurring or a one time deposit. PayYourRent is compatible with ACH and credit cards. The software integrates with Valence accounting features, and will provide a detailed payment log of all residents. In addition, PayYourRent offers residents a free credit reporting service through Experian RentBureau and TransUnion to help build and monitor their credit score. Customized email notifications allow landlords and property managers to send payment reminders quickly and easily to all residents.

FCRA / HUD Compliant Tenant Screening Provided by ScreeningOne

ScreeningOne provides credit, criminal and background screening that is Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and Department of Housing and Development (HUD) compliant. Most modern screening companies are using automated software to pull data from outdated resources that are often inaccurate. ScreeningOne takes a hands-on approach with an in-house screening team that uses a more robust set of tools for a far more accurate result.

ValencePM is proud to announce these partnerships in our next evolution of the software, and we look forward to continuing to serve property managers and residents with the best modern tools available.

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