ValenceDocs, our cloud-based document management platform part of the Texas Apartment Association’s (TAA) Click & Lease program, is set to announce unlimited document storage for TAA members. Unlimited document storage will be released in conjunction with theTAA Lone Star Expo, April 27 and 28 at the Fort Worth Convention Center.

For more information, please see this official press release.

Valence Docs and the Texas Apartment Association began their partnership in 2014, with a mission to provide property management companies with a cloud-based document storage solution that reduces paper waste and improves the lease-management process. ValenceDocs reduces filing errors, prevents damage or loss to vulnerable paper documents, and can provide extra office space by eliminating the need for large filing cabinets.

The Valence team will be at the TAA Lone Star Expo on April 27-28 to answer questions and provide information about the Click & Lease program and Valence products. If you’re at the expo, please come by the Valence booth to meet our team. We’re giving away these uber soft and comfortable t-shirts to celebrate our partnership with the Texas Apartment Association.

Rethink Document Management T-Shirts

We’re excited to offer TAA members and ValenceDocs users unlimited document storage,” said Mike Kessenich, the General Manager at ValenceDocs. “We conduct customer surveys and request customer feedback all the time, and many customers were asking for more storage. The need for more document storage proves that ValenceDocs users are successfully using ValenceDocs to streamline their operations.

We hope to see you there.


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