Great customer service is essential to a well-run business, especially for property management companies in the of online open-source review websites such as ApartmentRatings and Yelp. Without great customer service, your occupancy rates are likely to drop and potential leases, concerned by unflattering online reviews, may choose to live at a competitor’s property.

Protect your business by following these 5 tips for improving the quality of your customer service:

➀ Pay Attention to What Customers Are Saying Online

customer writing an internet commentSocial media and online review sites allow people to say practically anything they want online, and most likely from their perspective only. However, whether the content of a post about your company is true or not, if you’re not paying attention to what people are saying about you online, you’re missing key opportunities.

Reaching out to customers who mention your company, be it positive or negative, allows you to preemptively address their needs and increases tenant satisfaction. For reasonable complaints, respond with an apology, a description of what the company is doing to correct the issue and some kind of offer to make up for any inconvenience. At the same time, you can address unreasonably negative reviews that skew the truth in a thoughtful, professional manner to provide your side of the story.

➁ Prompt Follow-Up on Maintenance Requests

water maintenance on an apartment unitIf a maintenance request is submitted, have an employee get in contact with the tenant as soon as possible — either through an actual phone call or some form of digital notification like email or text message. It almost goes without saying, but having a maintenance worker correct the problem quickly will keep the tenant happy, as well as help your reputation with other residents in the building.

➂ Don’t Become Invisible

fading to invisibleAfter tenants moves in, look for ways to communicate with residents.

Every once in awhile, let residents know you’re aware of any issues in the building and what’s being done about them. You can provide peace of mind and security by providing regular updates on the status of their homes. Publishing a monthly newsletter is another great way to maintain a connection with residents.

➃ Use Friendly and Accommodating Language

friendly customer service repNever lose your composure with tenants, especially when disagreements pop up. Use thoughtful, helpful language during disagreements, and don’t forget to defer to the lease or other local laws. By following this approach, the tenant is more likely to walk away from the situation with a positive opinion about your company — even if the result isn’t in their favor.

➄ Create Content That Answers Common Customer Questions

customer questions being answeredIf you receive a lot of emails or phone calls about common issues, it’s a smart idea to add a Frequently Asked Questions page on your website. Simply list the question and provide an answer. If you get legal questions, it’s possible you can even link to your city’s residential laws. If you’re looking to provide more detailed feedback, you may want to consider creating a blog on your website that offers educational guides for solving common tenant issues.

Great customer service is essential to running a successful property management company. Without it, tenants will struggle to justify staying at your building, and potential residents may be turned away by what they read online about your customer service. Keeping up with online review sites, responding quickly to maintenance requests, and staying in communication with residents will go a long way to ensure you provide great customer service.

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