ValencePM provides the solution to various multifamily property management concerns. Its features handle a variety of management tasks, and makes finding resident or property information a breeze. These tips and tricks will help management staff and residents get the most out of  the software features.

Encourage Residents to Use the Resident Portal

The resident portal makes it easy for residents to submit maintenance requests and payments, without ever having to come into the office. As a manager, you probably feel chained to your email; especially, since it acts as your residents’ primary method of communication with management. Fortunately, by encouraging your residents to use the resident portal, you can organize and manage requests in one place.

Maintenance requests submitted online automatically show up on your Valence dashboard. Your staff no longer needs to take information from an email or phone call, before manually entering the request. The residents put together the official request themselves. Additionally, residents can use the portal to set up automatic payments each month. Rent collection will become more convenient for both staff and residents by encouraging your residents to set up auto-pay. Ultimately, this helps your staff spend less time managing late rent payments, which saves the property owner plenty of labor hours.

Moreover, residents prefer self-service options, so make sure to inform or remind residents of the portal as problems arise. The option to set up auto-pay will prevent late payments, and allow residents to managing their own rent.  Similarly, this option is also easier for you, because you don’t have to collect and deposit checks.

Enable Tenant Screening Integration

ValencePM software includes integrated screening features, allowing you to process applicants without ever having to leave Valence. This is a tremendous benefit for your workflow. Rather than stopping and switching to a different program to run a basic screening, you can just fill out a guest card and perform the entire process within the software. This allows you to not only work faster, but also to respond promptly to applicants.

Even if an applicant has a guarantor, you can still stay in Valence. The guest card for each applicant is customizable without being complicated. It’s easy to mark important distinctions through the system, and if you make a mistake, you can rerun the screening at any time. The guest card stores all necessary data about an individual applicant. When you need to contact that client again, you can easily search and pull all their pertinent information. Best of all, you can do all this without leaving the Valence dashboard.

Download the ValencePics Inspection App

Our developers understand that sometimes you need to get work done outside your office. This is especially true during move-outs and move-ins. There’s a lot of important work that needs to be done on the property itself, and lugging along a laptop isn’t always practical. What’s more, downloading pictures from a digital camera is time-consuming, and no property manager wants to store photos of a resident’s dirty apartment on their personal device.

ValencePics is a mobile app designed to streamline move-outs and simplify unit condition pictures. The app allows you to take photos and store them on a secure cloud in the app rather than save data to your device and upload it. When you need to take pictures, open the app, take the shot, and file it under the correct folder in ValencePM. It’s that easy. The mobile app works seamlessly with the desktop software. Meaning, the images you took, along with any captions, automatically sync to your Valence dashboard. This cuts out time spent on manual photo uploads and reduces file storage on the hard drive. By documenting the property’s move-out condition so quickly, you get a head start on scheduling repairs and determining the timeline for new residents.

Make Detailed Maintenance Orders

ValencePM’s maintenance order features aren’t just easy, they’re thorough. The more data you enter, the more prepared you’ll be. For instance, keeping all relevant resident information together saves time in case things go wrong. It’s frustrating to have to dig through paper records to find a resident’s phone number, especially when time is of the essence. Instead, Valence allows you to open the order and get everything you need on a single screen, with a search function.

ValencePM has fields for the type of work, the location of the work, and boxes for additional notes. You can even tag on extra jobs. If a pipe breaks, you can mark that the pipe needs to be fixed, and then add water removal as a second task. Combining these tasks into a single work order saves you time and saves the technician potential confusion. This helps ensure all work is done the first time, meaning you don’t get a second maintenance request concerning the same problem.

Everyone benefits from great software. However, by knowing the tips and tricks behind ValencePM’s features, you’re sure to be ahead of the game. Use these tips to make sure you don’t overlook optional fields. Used well, property management software can guide you and your residents through everything from application to move-out.

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