Learning a new property management software platform takes time. And if you’re managing one or many multi-family properties, time is a limited resource. Getting up to speed on the new PM platform needs to happen on your schedule.

Thankfully, ValencePM’s customer support system makes it easy for clients to learn the platform when it’s most convenient for them. Quick step-by-step How To articles and explainer videos are built into the platform, giving clients the ability to become experts users on their own time. Plus, the Valence customer support team is available to answer questions at any time during regular business hours.

Let’s imagine a property manager wants to send an eLease to a new resident. The manager knows ValencePM has this capability, but has been too busy to learn about it. Instead of risking being placed on hold by a customer service rep, the PM simply logs into the platform and clicks on the blue article icon in the lower right hand corner of the screen.

Under the Management category, the PM will find the How To article on eLeasing.

From there, it’s a quick choice between watching a short explainer video or reading the straightforward step-by-step guide on the eLeasing process. Before long, the PM has sent the new residents an eLease. 

With that task completed, the property manager looks up an article on creating maintenance requests. After watching the explainer video and reading the step-by-step guide, questions remain. Luckily, ValencePM’s customer support team is available via the chat feature, located just under the blue article icon.

The PM types the question and the ValencePM team will respond quickly.

With ValencePM’s built-in customer support, property managers are able to find the perfect balance between running their business and learning a new software platform.

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