Bob Ross Realty – Case Study

Overview of Bob Ross Realty and Their Challenges

Bob Ross Realty is a family-owned property management company located in San Antonio, Texas. First founded in the 1950’s, today the company owns and operates single-family, multi-family, and commercial properties. The company began using Valence in 2011 and currently uses the system to manage 16 properties. With Valence, Bob Ross Realty has streamlined operations and now spends less time working through manual processes and more time focused on customer satisfaction.
Since 2011, Bob Ross Realty has and continues to maintain attractive occupancy levels, improve overall customer satisfaction, and grow cash flow all while eliminating much of the manual work required before transitioning to Valence.
Before Valence, Bob Ross Realty used one of the other major property management software providers in the market. The provider’s per-seat-license model made it prohibitively expensive for the company to implement across all properties. Operating with a single, centralized license prevented on-site staff members from having real-time access to resident ledgers and ultimately created double work across the business – resident information was first recorded on-site and the sent to corporate so it could be entered into the software.

Our Approach to Software Implementation and Client Training

Like many other owner/operators, Bob Ross Realty wasn’t particularly happy with their existing solution both from a feature and from a cost perspective. After hearing about Valence, a system designed specifically to help owner/operators streamline operations without breaking the bank, the company decided that it was time to make a change.


While implementing Valence originally seemed like a daunting task for Bob Ross Realty, the transition proved to be significantly easier than expected. Ledger balances were exported from the legacy provider and resident information (name, unit, deposit, balance due, etc.) was aggregated and imported into Valence. Next, user accounts were created and company-specific reports were built using Valence’s custom report generator. Lastly, Valence hosted training sessions for the company and continued to check-in as the company began using the system full-time.

“If Valence went away and we went back to our old solution, I’d have to spend significantly more time completing tasks than what I do now. Valence has helped us streamline operations and has made it possible for us to provide better customer service to residents. Valence is one of the best tools we’ve implemented since I’ve been with the company.”

- Alan Ross, Director of Operations

The Results ValencePM achieved for Bob Ross Realty

Today, Valence is the core system Bob Ross Realty uses to manage its business. Staff members spend 90% of their time in Valence. Corporate staff uses Valence to manage property performance in real-time and to identify problem areas before they get out of control.


Bob Ross Realty incorporated Valence to help streamline operations. Valence is viewed as a force multiplier as employees are now able to accomplish more in less time. Further, Valence’s in-app chat feature has made it very easy for staff to quickly get the help they need and has empowered employees at all levels to diagnose and resolve issues without having to go to corporate for answers – the ROI on this feature alone has been significant. Corporate now has a suite of tools to performance manage the business in real-time without having to go through manual processes. The result? Less time dealing with headaches and more time focusing on how to provide great customer service to residents.

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