Save the date: June 22,2017 at 10pm, join Valence and 2,500 National Apartment Association (NAA) attendees for the 3 Dogwood Night concert event at the Tabernacle in Atlanta, GA. This event will include live music from some of the best musicians in the property management business, as well as an open bar and peers in the industry.

3 Dogwood Night at the Tabernacle

National Apartment Association Presents: 3 Dogwood Night at the Tabernacle In Atlanta, GA

If you’ve been to a National Apartment Association event before, you’ve probably heard of 3 Dogwood Night. They are a band of talented property management professionals who have rocked the party at every NAA conference for the last 8 years. This year’s concert will be hosted at the historic Tabernacle in Atlanta, GA. Be sure to give the band a follow on facebook!

Valence is proud to be a sponsor for this year’s 3 Dogwood Night concert. We will be giving away a total of 200 tickets, and we can’t wait to enjoy these talented musicians with 2,500 NAA attendees.

We hope to see you there, and we look forward to enjoying some great music and drinks with both new and familiar faces. If you are an NAA member and are interested in attending, give Josh a shout to request some free tickets.

In addition to Valence, The Three Dogwood Night concert event is made possible by the following sponsors.


ePremium has partnered with thousands of apartment communities to provide residents with the best insurance policies available.  Their services provide residents with renters insurance and security deposit insurance.  ePremium is the gold standard in renters insurance for multifamily housing. Check out this video of 3 Dogwood Night made by ePremium during last years NAA event.

Mohawk Industries, Inc.

Mohawk Industries supplies high quality carpet and flooring for residential and commercial properties, and has been a leader in their industry since 1992. Their partnerships and acquisitions allow them to provide the finest hardwood, carpet, tile, ceramic, vinyl and other textiles fitting any project style or need.

Brook Furniture Rental

Brook Furniture provides expertly crafted personalized furniture for both home and office environments. Furniture rental packages allow you to choose a style that will fit your property directly from their web catalog to customize any space.


BetterNOI focuses on improving multifamily’s bottom line by analyzing performance in four key areas: Screening, Collateral, Leasing Risks and Collections. They use this data to recommend a customized solution to improve net operating income. These solutions will dramatically reduce losses and optimize your budget.

Dogwood Building Supply

Dogwood Building Supply works with multifamily properties to provide quality construction and renovation materials for a great price. They use their experience in manufacturing and logistics to streamline their supply chain and provide great service across America.

Package Concierge

Package Concierge offers electronic locker systems to multifamily properties to offer secure protection of mail and packages for reesidents.

ALN Apartment Data, Inc.

ALN Apartment Data  provides data on over 9,700 management companies and 117,000 contacts with accurate information updated monthly. helps potential residents discover apartments and properties available in their area to find the property that is perfect for their needs. ForRent will help you drive leads, stay competitive with a unique brand, and retain residents with their solutions.


Updater provides a moving service that streamlines the moving process by using digital tools to forward mail, transfer utilities, update accounts, find movers and more.


AAPCO Group is a licensed contracting group that began in Atlanta, GA in 1988. They offer top notch construction and renovation service to the multifamily industry.

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