Managing apartment communities is often an expensive business. The labor costs alone cut heavily into profits. Moreover, office supplies drain funds as quickly as late rent payments. ValencePM’s features help to solve all these problems. The intuitive designs speed work, cut down on labor hours, and encourage timely rent payments.

Reduce Printing Costs

printer and paperPaper costs money, and ink costs even more. Printing is slowly going the way of the dinosaur, thanks to both environmental and budgeting concerns. However, it’s still very common in apartment management. It feels safer to keep printed documents in filing cabinets, under alphabetical indexes. In truth, they may be safer in digital form; they will certainly cost less to manage. Fortunately, ValencePM offers digital document management. With this tool, you cut the filing cabinet out of your life, forever. You may be surprised how much you’ll save on office supplies as well. Printing is a costly process, even in today’s age of advanced technology.

Apartment managers need documents for just about everything, and using digital document management allows you to organize swiftly without paying for ink. While there are many storage services online, the good ones usually come at a price. ValencePM’s integrated digital document management software, however, comes as part of the regular program.

Save Time Processing Renewals In Bulk

No one enjoys processing renewals, and it’s easy to understand why. It’s a long, repetitive process that you must complete time and time again. While it’s great to have loyal residents, renewal paperwork is a chore.

While Valence can’t remove the full burden of renewals from your workload, it can make them drastically easier. A renewal worksheet allows you to process renewals in bulk. This cuts out all the time you would normally spend on individual items. It’s tremendously efficient.

With ValencePM’s renewal worksheet, you can cut back on labor hours. This either frees up employee time for other, more profitable tasks, or reduces the number of billable work hours overall. Both are valuable.

Document Apartment Condition With ValencePics

ValencePics is the answer to property manager mobility, and it’s available for both Apple and Android devices. Move-out and move-in procedures inevitably interrupt work flow. In addition to all the paperwork they generate, managers must go in person to investigate the condition of the property, document the property’s condition, and provide photographic evidence. Even if managers use their phones to capture images of the move-out condition, they still need to stop and transfer those photos to the appropriate files. This usually involves several steps. Managers must email themselves the pictures as attachments, download the images to a regular computer, and then upload the images to the correct files before adding all necessary labeling. If managers are dealing with more than one move-out inspection at a time, it’s easy to confuse which photos go with which inspection.

ValencePics saves time and money by cutting out the middle work. This mobile app doesn’t just help organize mobile inspection photos. It actually puts them in the correlated file. Moreover, it allows managers to upload pictures right into ValencePM, while still walking the unit.

ValencePics includes lots of organization and informational options. There’s space for captions and descriptions in addition to the necessary file data. Time really is money for apartment managers. Finishing a job and reducing errors while on the go makes a big difference in time management.

Online Rent Collection

Another way to save time and money is by cutting down on extra time and effort spent chasing down late payments. This common problem often stems from sheer forgetfulness. When residents miss a rent payment, it’s often because they genuinely forgot. ValencePM combats this problem and the frustrations of general rent gathering for apartment managers.

ValencePM’s resident portal makes it easy for residents to pay rent. For example, residents can go online and pay their rent at any time, and from any location, as long as they are connected to the internet. Residents can also use the portal to set up autopay, so they’ll never forget to pay the rent again.

One way that ValencePM help managers, is by allowing bulk communication. Instead of drafting and printing individualized letters, informing residents of late balances, Valence allows you to print them off in bulk. Obviously, this helps to improve time management and communication.

Combined, these features maximize profits by trimming down labor and increasing regular rent. Addressing profit and loss simultaneously allows managers to build more efficient habits. Valence helps you save on printing and storage costs while offering residents multiple reminders and payment options. It’s the most efficient tool in an apartment manager’s arsenal.



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