Dashboards have become a popular term in the software industry, but what are their practical applications? Can these features actually support a property manager’s role and increase profitability? Dashboards are essential for busy property managers who want to provide convenient communication with residents and access the tools needed for operation in one place. Utilized to their fullest potential, property management dashboards can improve time management and organization. The efficiency and data provided will help to improve your business’s profits.

Greatly Improve Time Management

time is moneyTime is money, and managing the day to day workflow of a multifamily property management business can be exhausting. Unfortunately, a poorly designed management system slows operation efficiency and can be expensive. An inefficient workflow will cost a business in time and money spent on simple tasks that could be done more effectively with the proper tools.

Property management dashboards give you the power to work quickly and efficiently using an organizational system that has been tested and optimized. You can get the most vital daily statistics at a glance. Big data dashboards also give you the information you need in order to fulfill new requests and solve developing problems. By attacking both of these issues at once, dashboards can dramatically improve your time management capabilities by visualizing the tasks at hand in one convenient place.

Digital File Management Allows You  to Store and Find Resident Documents Fast

ValenceDocs resident file exampleLooking for a missing file, hunting through a documents folder, or simply scanning through your endless list of subfolders will slow anyone down. ValencePM dashboards have been organized and designed to be easily searchable. For example, they work to collect various functions, data sets, or roles and place them onto a single dashboard. With this type of system, you can work quickly, swapping between functions as needed. However, this superior organization has other advantages.

By using an property management software system to organize your daily business functions, you can also file and store regularly recorded data. This data encompasses everything from new resident applications and background checks to noise complaints and maintenance requests. The document system automatically files resident information and utilizes barcode technology to quickly archive information. A digital document storage software can be searched and stored on a cloud, so you don’t have to worry about files getting lost or misfiled. An organized system with easy access allows your staff to answer questions quickly and better serve residents. It also boosts communication between employees. It’s always easier to help a coworker find a piece of information when you can simply pull up the appropriate dashboard.

Easily Communicate with Residents and Track Requests

ValencePM residential management dashboardResidents expect communication and support from on-site staff and management. Answering questions quickly is a vital service, and a user portal with built in customer support can help. ValencePM is designed with the essential tasks in mind. It is easy to navigate, and does without unnecessary features and bulkiness that can make other property management softwares a challenge to learn and navigate.

These functions could include past due accounts, maintenance history, and resident disputes like noise complaints. Property management software can streamline your workflow, and provide the tools you need to manage a property in one place.

Improve Budgeting and Increase Profit With Analytic Tools and Budgeting Suite

ValencePM budgeting dashboard exampleBig data dashboards are a key part of today’s business intelligence software. Dashboards are all about transforming raw data into visual information. Each product will be different, but this simplified access to the data driving your business will give you the tools you need to improve. If you can customize your dashboards, it may be possible to collect utility, maintenance, and other resident-driven costs on a single screen. This gives you a better comparison of relative expenses and helps you determine if your budget would benefit from lower base rent fees or no longer covering utilities.

You can zoom out to get a better idea of your renting, marketing, and spending policies. Are your latest incentives bringing in long-term residents, or do they sublet? How many of your residents have renewed their leases since your latest policy changes? How does that compare to past renewal rates? Big data dashboards give you the convenient access to these facts that you need. The great advantage of dashboards, of course, is that they tie data and action, so it’s easy to take the next steps to improve your business.

All software is built different, and some are filled with complicated features and a bulky back-end that requires a steep learning curve and heavy training. ValencePM is designed with simplicity in mind. Our dashboards are easy to navigate, and the tools can be learned quickly with various forms of support to help. Sign up for a demo to see it in action.


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