As the manager of a property, you’re responsible for the protection of sensitive information. Your tenants give you their social insurance numbers, dates, and even their bank details. All of these in the wrong hands could lead to huge criminal lawsuits. It is up to you to protect this data. There are many ways in which people could try to steal it. If you still use a paper-based filing system, you’re at a very high-security risk level. There are just too many ways in which this information can be stolen from you. As a landlord, you must take measures to protect your tenants, regardless of the cost. They say knowledge is power. Here are some of the common ways in which your tenant information is at risk of being lost or stolen. Most of these can be solved by switching over to a secure apartment security and management system like ValencePM.


Unauthorized Physical Access to Your Computers

computer being hacked by unauthorized personIn a traditional apartment management system that uses standard databases and filing, this is a real threat. If a malicious person were to get into your office room, they would be able to log into your computer at will. Since we tend to leave our computers logged in and signed on during the day, it is possible that they won’t even have a password to break. All they need to do is access your computers and steal the information. This wouldn’t be a problem with good apartment management software like ValencePM. The reason for this is that this software has security features that prevent this. Even if someone manages to gain access to the physical computer, the cloud-based security of this software prevents any data from being stolen. This gives apartment security a huge boost.


Stolen External Storage Devices


external data storage hard driveBack in the day, the only way to store data was in filing cabinets. Hopefully, you have upgraded your apartment management system to computers at the very least by now. If you still use paper filing cabinets and no computers, you have a different problem entirely. However, if you have a standard computer storage system, you probably keep data on external hard drives and other storage media. This is very risky because you stand the chance of losing all the data if one of these drives is stolen. It is easy enough to lose a flash drive or even a laptop. Thankfully, with ValencePM and other apartment security software, all data is stored in the cloud. This means that no external drives need to be used. As a result, you won’t have to worry about stolen drives again!


Outdated Firewalls Exposed to Hackers

digital firewall being protected by a security illustrationIf you already use a cloud-based system that isn’t ValencePM, there is a chance that hackers could get into your data. Network security must always be updated if you want to prevent bugs and people from getting through your firewalls. Cloud-based security is still a new field, and staying ahead of hackers is the best way to prevent them from attacking you. Thankfully, you don’t need to worry when you use ValencePM. Our cloud-based security is constantly updated with the latest virus definitions and firewalls. There isn’t a lot that can get through the high security of this system. It is general knowledge, though, that you should change your passwords regularly on any software. Make sure your passwords are a mix of letters, numbers, uppercase and lowercase letters, and even special characters.


Unnecessary Data Stored on Your System

close up of a credit cardMost older apartment management systems used tenant credit card information as security in case of a missed payment. This was the norm back in the day, but things have changed now. Having your tenants’ credit card information on file is dangerous and illegal. It is considered unnecessary today. ValencePM is one of the reasons why this is so. This apartment security software and management application allow for electronic rent payment. Your tenants can pay you when they’re on the go. Rent payments won’t get late because of the availability of recurring automated payments over the internet. Because of this, you won’t store the unneeded information in your system. If a hacker does get into the system, they won’t have much to steal.


Switch to a Cloud-Based, Electronic, Secure System Today

cloud security illustrationThe cloud is the most secure place your files can be. As a landlord, you owe it to your tenants to offer their information the highest level of security possible. Take the time to switch over to a cloud-based apartment security software today. ValencePM, for example, is a leader in electronic apartment management. Without it, you are very exposed to risks like physical theft of files and the drives they are stored on, as well as being taken up for the storage of credit card information and other data. Take a step in the direction of true security right now.

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