Key Performance Indicators to Measure and Improve Property Management Efficiency

Key performance indicators (KPI) are useful metrics to track and measure specific functions of your business. Used correctly, KPIs can help you identify and quantify problems and weak points in your operation. ValencePM ... Read more

ValencePM Now Offers FCRA/HUD Compliant Tenant Screening and a New Payment Processing System

ValencePM is continuing to improve and evolve, and we are proud to announce our partnership with ScreeningOne and PayYourRent to provide FCRA / HUD compliant tenant screening and a convenient new rent payment processing ... Read more

Why You Should Be Taking Move-in and Move-out Photos For Apartment Units

 If you don’t already take pictures of each of the apartments in your building, it is time you started. While many landlords with experience in the profession do this already, if you’re new to the game, it’s somet... Read more

How Going Paperless Can Save Your Business Time and Money

Digital file management is quickly rising in popularity among apartment owners who want to streamline their process and save time and money. This method is a more reliable and secure way to store and organize documents.... Read more

ValencePM Introduces [Rethink] Campaign at the Atlanta Apartment Association Trade Show

ValencePM, an industry leader in apartment management software solutions, will be attending the Atlanta Apartment Association Trade Show, one of the largest industry trade shows in the country. The annual trade show is a... Read more

Valence Launches [Rethink] Campaign at the 2017 Texas Apartment Association Conference

  The TAA Education Conference & Lone Star Expo is being held in Fort Worth, Texas on April 26-29, 2017. For the third year in a row, ValenceDocs will exhibit at the conference. ValenceDocs partnered with the... Read more

Valence Property Management Software Now Offers Positive Pay

Positive Pay is an automated fraud detection tool offered by the Cash Management Department of most banks. In its simplest form, it is a service that matches the account number, check number and dollar amount of ea... Read more

Common Security Risks and Threats For Apartment Managers

  As the manager of a property, you’re responsible for the protection of sensitive information. Your tenants give you their social insurance numbers, dates, and even their bank details. All of these in the wron... Read more

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