Tips and Trends

The Advantages of Accepting Electronic Rent Payments

We are living in a world of increasing digital connectivity, where convenience is the driving force of progress . If your property doesn’t already accept rent payment over electronic media, it should. Modern renters a... Read more

Water Damage Restoration and Prevention Tips for Property Managers

Nobody likes water damage. But the fact of the matter is, sometimes water damage just happens.   In the past five years, all 50 states have experienced flash flooding. Maybe an old pipe bursts, or a system of ... Read more

How the Internet of Things Will Improve Property Management

You’ve probably been hearing about how the Internet of Things (IoT), an ‘ecosystem’ that is constantly monitoring the environment and communicating data across networks, is going to transform the average person’s... Read more

Are You Keeping Up With Communal Amenity Trends?

If that new multifamily property being built isn't keeping up with communal amenity trends, chances are that building will have a harder time finding residents than an existing building that does. In fact, 82 percent ... Read more

Great Customer Support Built Right Into the Platform

Learning a new property management software platform takes time. And if you’re managing one or many multi-family properties, time is a limited resource. Getting up to speed on the new PM platform needs to happen on you... Read more

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