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How to Resolve Disputes Between Residents in Multi-Family Apartment Communities

Tensions are bound to exist in multi-family apartments. A large number of people living in close proximity to each other (especially those who do not know each other well) will disagree at some point. These conflicts oft... Read more

When Do Residents Need a Cosigner?

A cosigner can make or break an apartment deal for some potential residents. The perfect resident match quickly sours when the appropriate criteria have not been met. The property manager sometimes receives the bad end ... Read more

Pictures from the 2017 Three Dogwood Night Concert

The Valence team had a great time at the 2017 NAA Education Conference in Atlanta, GA. Thanks to everyone who stopped by our booth for a chat, and we hope you are enjoying the uber soft ValencePM t-shirts we gave away. ... Read more

Infographic: The 10 Hats of a Property Manager

Everyday property managers wear a variety of hats. They have a lot of skill-sets and abilities. On this infographic, ValencePM pays tribute to property mangers in a humorous way by illustrating and highlighting their man... Read more

ValencePM Feature Updates – Notes and History Tracking

  ValencePM is excited to announce Notes and History tracking – features designed to make it easier for onsite staff to enter notes and manage resident history. Notes Feature Notes can now be ente... Read more

NAA Presents 3 Dogwood Night – A Concert at the Tabernacle

Save the date: June 22,2017 at 10pm, join Valence and 2,500 National Apartment Association (NAA) attendees for the 3 Dogwood Night concert event at the Tabernacle in Atlanta, GA. This event will include live music from s... Read more

5 Most Common Property Management Mistakes

Property management is a multifaceted career that requires a diverse skill set, and an ability to adapt and make fast decisions in the face of emergency. A property manager's responsibility is far-reaching, and requires... Read more

Key Performance Indicators to Measure and Improve Property Management Efficiency

Key performance indicators (KPI) are useful metrics to track and measure specific functions of your business. Used correctly, KPIs can help you identify and quantify problems and weak points in your operation. ValencePM ... Read more

The Advantages of Accepting Electronic Rent Payments

We are living in a world of increasing digital connectivity, where convenience is the driving force of progress . If your property doesn’t already accept rent payment over electronic media, it should. Modern renters a... Read more

ValencePM Now Offers FCRA/HUD Compliant Tenant Screening and a New Payment Processing System

ValencePM is continuing to improve and evolve, and we are proud to announce our partnership with ScreeningOne and PayYourRent to provide FCRA / HUD compliant tenant screening and a convenient new rent payment processing ... Read more

Tips to Maximize the Benefit of ValencePM Apartment Management Software Features

ValencePM provides the solution to various multifamily property management concerns. Its features handle a variety of management tasks, and makes finding resident or property information a breeze. These tips and tricks... Read more

How Data Dashboards Can Improve Efficiency and Organization in a Property Management Business

Dashboards have become a popular term in the software industry, but what are their practical applications? Can these features actually support a property manager’s role and increase profitability? Dashboards are essent... Read more

Here’s How ValencePM Can Save Your Apartment Community Money and Time

  Managing apartment communities is often an expensive business. The labor costs alone cut heavily into profits. Moreover, office supplies drain funds as quickly as late rent payments. ValencePM’s features help... Read more

Why You Should Be Taking Move-in and Move-out Photos For Apartment Units

 If you don’t already take pictures of each of the apartments in your building, it is time you started. While many landlords with experience in the profession do this already, if you’re new to the game, it’s somet... Read more

How Going Paperless Can Save Your Business Time and Money

Digital file management is quickly rising in popularity among apartment owners who want to streamline their process and save time and money. This method is a more reliable and secure way to store and organize documents.... Read more

ValencePM Introduces [Rethink] Campaign at the Atlanta Apartment Association Trade Show

ValencePM, an industry leader in apartment management software solutions, will be attending the Atlanta Apartment Association Trade Show, one of the largest industry trade shows in the country. The annual trade show is a... Read more

Valence Launches [Rethink] Campaign at the 2017 Texas Apartment Association Conference

  The TAA Education Conference & Lone Star Expo is being held in Fort Worth, Texas on April 26-29, 2017. For the third year in a row, ValenceDocs will exhibit at the conference. ValenceDocs partnered with the... Read more

ValenceDocs Offering Unlimited Document Storage For All TAA Members

ValenceDocs, our cloud-based document management platform part of the Texas Apartment Association’s (TAA) Click & Lease program, is set to announce unlimited document storage for TAA members. Unlimited document sto... Read more

How Late Fees Could Get Your Rent Paid Faster

 No one likes to pay late fees, but they are a great way to encourage on-time payments. Unfortunately, many new apartment owners try to avoid charging late fees because they don’t want to anger their tenants. However,... Read more

Valence Property Management Software Now Offers Positive Pay

Positive Pay is an automated fraud detection tool offered by the Cash Management Department of most banks. In its simplest form, it is a service that matches the account number, check number and dollar amount of ea... Read more

Reduce The Stress of Switching Software With A Seamless Transition Process

Change is stressful. We understand that with an already busy workday, the idea of learning and training employees on a new software can be daunting. That's why we've designed the on-boarding process to be easy on your... Read more

Common Security Risks and Threats For Apartment Managers

  As the manager of a property, you’re responsible for the protection of sensitive information. Your tenants give you their social insurance numbers, dates, and even their bank details. All of these in the wron... Read more

Water Damage Restoration and Prevention Tips for Property Managers

Nobody likes water damage. But the fact of the matter is, sometimes water damage just happens.   In the past five years, all 50 states have experienced flash flooding. Maybe an old pipe bursts, or a system of ... Read more

How the Internet of Things Will Improve Property Management

You’ve probably been hearing about how the Internet of Things (IoT), an ‘ecosystem’ that is constantly monitoring the environment and communicating data across networks, is going to transform the average person’s... Read more

Quick Tips to Start Using Big Data at Your Properties

In our last post we wrote about the expectations surrounding the potential impact the Internet of Things (IoT) on the property management industry. The most anticipated benefit of an IoT ecosystem is the massive amount o... Read more

Are You Keeping Up With Communal Amenity Trends?

If that new multifamily property being built isn't keeping up with communal amenity trends, chances are that building will have a harder time finding residents than an existing building that does. In fact, 82 percent ... Read more

7 Tips for an Easier Property Management Transition

  Like collecting rent payments from tenants, it’s common for property management to change from one company to another. Well, maybe not that common. But property management transitions do happen in this indust... Read more

Survey: More Baby Boomers Looking to Rent

A survey conducted by Freddie Mac predicts Baby Boomers could set off a renting boom by the end of the decade. According to the Freddie Mac survey of housing plans and perceptions of people born before 1961, million... Read more

5 Tips to Improve Customer Service at Your Properties

Great customer service is essential to a well-run business, especially for property management companies in the of online open-source review websites such as ApartmentRatings and Yelp. Without great customer service, yo... Read more

ValencePics: A Mobile App for Busy Property Managers

Last year, Pew Research Center found that 64 percent of American adults own a smartphone of some kind, which was a significant jump up from 35 percent in the spring of 2011. In keeping with the trends, property manage... Read more

9 Theft Prevention Tips for Property Managers

Summertime is the peak season for home burglaries, according to the Department of Justice. What’s more, the Insurance Information Institute found that the average homeowner's losses for theft from 2010-2014 was $3... Read more

Great Customer Support Built Right Into the Platform

Learning a new property management software platform takes time. And if you’re managing one or many multi-family properties, time is a limited resource. Getting up to speed on the new PM platform needs to happen on you... Read more

5 Tech Trends to Attract New Leases

It can be hard to stand out in the multifamily property management industry, especially if the competition’s building down the street has similar amenities. Luckily, new and emerging technologies are providing new ways... Read more

5 Signs You’ve Outgrown Your Property Management Software

Property management software plays a vital role in your business operations. The important question is whether it's actually doing enough. Of course, few would deny that their workflows and oversight activities benefi... Read more

6 Steps to Prepare Your Residents for Move Out

When managing a large number of properties, streamlining the move out process for tenants is helpful for everyone involved. When tenants aren’t clear on what is expected of them before moving out, you can run into is... Read more

5 Property Management Marketing Hacks to Maximize Renters

If you are managing a property, whether it's residential or commercial, you need to keep every unit filled as much as possible. Maximizing the number of renters requires proper marketing as well as keeping your existing ... Read more

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