The Valence Story - from Infancy to Maturity

Valence was founded on a simple principle:

Partner with property owners and operators to develop an iPhone-like software solution for property management teams to become more efficient, reduce operating cost, and improve resident experience.

Our Infancy

ValencePM was founded from experience. Our company’s founder was born into the property management industry by way of his family’s business. He grew up working alongside property owners, managers, accountants, consultants, and maintenance professionals.

But also, there was another side to our founder. At an early age, he demonstrated prodigy-like software development abilities. He was a natural … like a musician who can play music by ear, he could write beautiful software innately.

While working for his family’s business, our founder witnessed several manual processes at apartment complexes that were inefficient. So he began researching solutions to these problems. And what he discovered was surprising.

He learned that traditional property management software was very expensive. And that traditional software often fell short on their promises. What’s more, those software products were old and didn’t provide solutions to what apartment businesses actually needed to solve their operational efficiencies. Most of the property management software on the market was hard-to-use, complex-to-learn, poorly-designed, and lacked responsive customer support.

As a young adult with a burning passion for software development, our founder began writing software to solve the problems that negatively impacted his family’s apartment business.

Our Adolescence

In 2008, the first version of the Valence property management software was completed and launched to a small group of property owners in Houston, Texas. And simultaneously, the Valence software development team began to grow. The software team, lead by our hands-on founder, used the property owner’s feedback to guide the evolution of Valence’s property management software.

With this valuable feedback from property owners, Valence software quickly evolved into a full-suite property management software covering everything from lease management, to maintenance tracking, to back-office accounting, to online rent payments.

One of the core advantages that Valence software has over traditional property management software is its code-base. The software was written in a modern framework … it’s lightweight, fast loading, lean, and agile.

Valence’s early adopter customers were instrumental in shaping the growth and maturity of the software. And they enabled Valence’s property management software to rapidly scale into the top-tier property management software application it is today.

Our Maturity

In 2013, Valence partnered with the Texas Apartment Association to provide document management services to association members as part of the TAA Click & Lease program. And in 2016, Valence received a very large infusion of investment capital to further expand and accelerate growth.

Today, the Valence team has over 140 employees and contributors. And Valence software products have helped thousands of property management personnel become more efficient, reduce operating cost, and improve the resident experience.

Since infancy, Valence has recruited and hired best-in-class software developers and engineers … and friendly, knowledgeable, and passionate customer support professionals.

Our team’s purpose is to partner with our property management customers to help them work smarter and continuously improve. Our team’s mission is to provide the easiest-to-use, simplest-to-learn, most feature-rich, and well-supported property management software in the world. Join us!

Our Products

Our Team Motto Is Simple:

Build powerful property management software that is simple-to-learn and easy-to-use … and provide the best customer service and support in the property management software industry.

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ValencePM is a comprehensive property management software solution. From guest card tracking to lease management, online payments to back-office accounting, ValencePM has you covered.

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Responsive and Friendly Support

ValencePM provides instant access to a live support desk and training resources enabling users to spend less time dealing with headaches and more time providing great service to residents.

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