Summertime is the peak season for home burglaries, according to the Department of Justice.

What’s more, the Insurance Information Institute found that the average homeowner’s losses for theft from 2010-2014 was $3,786. The III’s data also reveals that about one in 215 insured homes has a property damage claim due to theft each year.

Renter’s insurance is a worthwhile investment because it provides a safety net for residents. When apartments are burglarized, renter’s insurance can help replace stolen items or repair damaged property. An uninsured resident, however, will suffer the consequences.

Yet, while it’s smart to have  renter’s insurance, experts agree that the best defense against burglars is to deter them.

The following list provides great theft prevention tips on how to deter burglars at your properties. Some may be obvious, and some may not. Regardless, following these tips will help make your buildings safer.


➀ be careful what you’re posting

customer writing an internet commentRemind your residents to not post travel plans on social media. Some burglars use social networking sites to find victims.

➁ landscaping matters

neatly landscaped bushes in a yardTrim your bushes, shrubs and trees to avoid providing a place for an intruder to hide.

➂ keep the lights on

security lights on a multi family housing propertyInstall exterior lighting. One of the best deterrents against a burglar is motion-sensing lights.

➃ lock it up

padlock for a storage unitLock up ladders and tools which could be used to break into your building.

➄ man’s best friend

dog protecting owner's propertyIs your building dog friendly? Burglars don’t like dogs. Even small dogs make a home a less attractive to criminals.

➅ it takes a village

multifamily housing dinner partyEncourage your residents to get to know one another. Neighbors are extra sets of eyes keeping a watch on the property, reporting suspicious activity.

➆ sound the alarm

security alarm ringingConsider an alarm system and security cameras. Many insurance companies offer discounts for alarms, and some systems also monitor for fire. Install security cameras in the lobby, other important entrances and parking areas.

➇ anybody home?

outside view of property with lights on inside to deter burglarsMany break-ins occur during the day when people are at work. Make a suggestion to your tenants to create an illusion that somebody is still home if they leave. Leaving a radio or TV can trick would-be burglars into thinking that someone is at home.

➈ what’s the password?

password protectionGarages are a common entry point for burglars. If your building has a parking garage, consider installing a gate that requires an access code. This will also help prevent auto-theft.  

Following these theft prevention tips will help keep your property and your tenants safe this summer. Distributing a letter or email with safety tips like this to your residents is a great way to provide excellent customer service.

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