Month: May 2017

NAA Presents 3 Dogwood Night – A Concert at the Tabernacle

Save the date: June 22,2017 at 10pm, join Valence and 2,500 National Apartment Association (NAA) attendees for the 3 Dogwood Night concert event at the Tabernacle in Atlanta, GA. This event will include live music from s... Read more

5 Most Common Property Management Mistakes

Property management is a multifaceted career that requires a diverse skill set, and an ability to adapt and make fast decisions in the face of emergency. A property manager's responsibility is far-reaching, and requires... Read more

Key Performance Indicators to Measure and Improve Property Management Efficiency

Key performance indicators (KPI) are useful metrics to track and measure specific functions of your business. Used correctly, KPIs can help you identify and quantify problems and weak points in your operation. ValencePM ... Read more

The Advantages of Accepting Electronic Rent Payments

We are living in a world of increasing digital connectivity, where convenience is the driving force of progress . If your property doesn’t already accept rent payment over electronic media, it should. Modern renters a... Read more

ValencePM Now Offers FCRA/HUD Compliant Tenant Screening and a New Payment Processing System

ValencePM is continuing to improve and evolve, and we are proud to announce our partnership with ScreeningOne and PayYourRent to provide FCRA / HUD compliant tenant screening and a convenient new rent payment processing ... Read more

Tips to Maximize the Benefit of ValencePM Apartment Management Software Features

ValencePM provides the solution to various multifamily property management concerns. Its features handle a variety of management tasks, and makes finding resident or property information a breeze. These tips and tricks... Read more

How Data Dashboards Can Improve Efficiency and Organization in a Property Management Business

Dashboards have become a popular term in the software industry, but what are their practical applications? Can these features actually support a property manager’s role and increase profitability? Dashboards are essent... Read more

Here’s How ValencePM Can Save Your Apartment Community Money and Time

  Managing apartment communities is often an expensive business. The labor costs alone cut heavily into profits. Moreover, office supplies drain funds as quickly as late rent payments. ValencePM’s features help... Read more

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